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Thread’s approach meets the microbial testing requirements of the twenty first century. Thread has integrated technology from several scientific disciplines to develop a test for accurate determination of lag vs log phase bacterial growth that is both accurate and fast. This ability to differentiate lag vs log phase sets Thread’s technology apart from current bacterial testing methods. The ability to provide accurate results in a rapid test determining lag or log phase state is a dynamic step forward in biological testing.

Thread’s technology integrates with biological science resulting in a different approach to in-situ testing. Our corporate mission is assisting the global effort to address a serious health concern threatening today’s global population. The rise of antimicrobial resistant bacteria is recognized by domestic and international health monitoring organizations as one of the greatest global public health concerns currently being faced.

Thread’s CultureStat rapid test for bacteriuria enhances the Provider/Patient relationship, is a valuable front line tool in the battle against antimicrobial resistant “super bugs” and reduces healthcare costs. These super bug bacteria have mutated and adapted as a result of various contributing factors.

Among these factors is the unnecessary prescribing of antimicrobial drugs for certain infections. Suspect Urinary Tract Infections (“UTI’s”) prior to receiving accurate test results or incorrect diagnosis due to inaccurate test results are the  leading cause of improperly prescribed antimicrobial prescriptions and contributor to antimicrobial resistance.

The current state of bacterial testing processes such as agar plating are virtually unchanged from their inception more than a century and a quarter ago. The challenges inherent to a process partially relying on human interpretation introduce subjective error. It is difficult to accurately compensate for the subjective nature of the entire plating process. Urine tested in a lab is rarely within recommend guidelines for testing fresh urine (within 2 hours of collection).

Other test methods such as reactive treated strips and dipsticks are rapid but are subjective and have extremely low accuracy levels for use in UTI diagnosis.  Strips and dipsticks only react to byproducts of the biological process of the bacteria and human body’s interaction with it.

Many potential variables impact the test result.  Even if measures are taken to mitigate the skewing of test results as a result of subjectivity or pitfalls in the underlying technology, the time constraints or inaccuracy of other tests and inability to determine lag vs log phase bacterial growth contributes to the super bug crisis.

CultureStat rapid bacteriuria test gives Providers an accurate result to assist in their diagnosis in less time while promoting antimicrobial stewardship and reducing healthcare cost.

At Thread Bioscience we share the same passion for microbiology and discovery as Antony van Leeuwenhoek, considered by many to be the founding father of microbiology.  Are  you curious about why we named the company Thread Bioscience? Read about Antony van Leeuwenhoek, and find out.